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Why Canuck Security – One Source!

Local Ai Monitoring Station
Emergency / Alarm Response Units Included
Licensed Enforcement Personnel
Security Guards Trained in Our Licensed School
Mobile Supervisor Patrols – 28-35 times nightly 778-240-3641
Education & WorkSafeBC Compliance
Cameras – Latest Technology, 8 MP
Installation by Technicians with FallSafe Tickets
Avetta Certification – Risk Management, Health & Safety, Compliance Management
JIBC Licensed School – Justice Institute of British Columbia

Video-verified alarms are seen as crimes in progress, and police are immediately sent to the scene.
Call Steve – 604-346-9307 Call Jorge – 236-335-1818 Call Greg (Gurjeet) – 604-710-7682
Hotline: 24/7 604-598-2424

Canuck Flagging Group
Traffic Management Plans
Certified Lane Closure Technicians – LCT
Certified Traffic Control Persons – TCP
Call Shawn – 604-364-3000

All of our live monitoring takes place at our Local Command Center. This infrastructure allows us to respond immediately and deploy local law enforcement, efficiently, and quickly.

Trained Enforcement Personnel

Our security team is comprised of many military officers and is led by Lt. Colonel Lidder Call Greg (Gurjeet) – 604-710-7682 with over 38 years of structure and enforcement experience. Not only are they experts in responding to and analyzing security threats, but they are also trustworthy individuals, 100% committed to your safety.

Tailored Business Solutions

Canuck Security has the experience to build a plan and deploy that plan for your success. Our management team is led by a respected and successful property developer and founder of many companies. Building and construction sites are a magnet for vandals and thieves. The criminals do not stop their scheming and we are ready to quickly implement and innovate to help stop crime.

Promote Community Safety

The safety of everyone on-site is our top priority. A longstanding WorkSafeBC qualified organization. We recognize the vulnerabilities that exist in your infrastructure, and we offer robust solutions to mitigate financial and physical losses and keep your people and the public safe. By implementing and integrating security solutions at, inside, and beyond the gates, we optimize and promote community safety.


They’re about people and the power of partnerships. Partnerships with our employees, our communities, our technology, and clients.

The perfect business partner.

We seek out clients who want partners, not just security suppliers.

It means that you value collaboration as much as we do. That you’re looking for a relationship.
And, like us, you want to build trust when you do business — by working with integrity, by giving back to communities, or by choosing smarter, higher technology to protect the asset right.

It’s the reason why many of our clients have been working with us for nearly two decades.
It’s why we approach every project like it is the start of a great company.

Canuck Security provides the finest security products and services for your business, retail or office in Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond, Coquitlam, Surrey, Langley, and other communities throughout our British Columbia service area. Experts in security guards, closed-circuit cameras, and integration, the technicians at Canuck Security can identify, implement, install, and maintain the perfect system to fit the needs of your project and your budget. Our vertical integration ensures we hit, or come in, under budget.

Call us today at 604-598-2424 (24/7/365)
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Nothing is as important as the health and safety of your people and the protection of the asset.

At Canuck, our mission is to protect lifetime clients through accountability, innovation, quality, and technology. Safety and protection, through technology, are core values.

Custom security solutions for any industry

We understand that each company and industry is unique in its operations and security, requiring specialized solutions that ensure that personnel, projects, and property are safe. As such, we serve a wide variety of industries with our business security systems, from big and small construction sites to your strata property and remote facilities to automotive dealerships, warehousing, and retail stores.

Security Guards

Our security personnel are highly trained professionals many with military or law enforcement experience. We train all guards to OFA in our Canuck School of Security Education – JIBC Licensed. This allows them to provide a high level of service backed by an understanding of criminal behavior and common security breach conditions. Plus, they build relationships with local police to ensure fast response times. Our guards leave a report each shift with hours and/or actions taken to secure your site.
A common-sense approach you see first thing each morning.

Pioneers & Innovators in Security

There is no substitute for quality technology for your security. Canuck Security are pioneers of state-of-the-art security training and technology that solves tomorrow’s problems today. We constantly strive to elevate our security performance, advancing the success and effectiveness of our client’s tailored solutions and promoting a cost-effective way to protect your most valuable assets. Experience the next generation of security solutions with Canuck Security.

Live Video Verification

Video-verified alarms are seen as crimes in progress, and police are immediately sent to the scene.
We make monitoring your business simple with live video verification. Our trained and professional staff monitor multiple locations from our command center in Surrey, BC, Canada. We send immediate updates in case of emergency and record the call and operator identification of law enforcement dispatch to ensure a rapid response. Then provide you with an incident report as required.
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Camera Surveillance

Our access control systems, commercial-grade security cameras, and experienced security guards create a comprehensive approach to fixed asset surveillance. Combined, our command center, knowledgeable personnel, and expertise as a top security company enable us to deliver unparalleled protection and fantastic service for all of our clients.
Secure your assets and protect your employees with Canuck Security.

Mobile Supervisor Patrols

Business security patrols that are rapid, efficient, and provide maximum protection, our Mobile Patrol surveillance is the ideal choice for those on a tight budget. $33/day is all you pay.
Available immediately with random nightly visits 28-35 times per week.
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Guard Access Control

Truck Yards, Construction Sites, Warehouses, need in-and-out privaledge to keep the area secure.
We deploy access control guards provide a safe and efficient way to prevent unknown access and allow entry for employees and other authorized personnel.

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Jobs at Canuck Security

Canuck Security is growing and hiring! Leadership and integrity are key attributes when applying.
Our team has constantly transformed to meet the changing landscape of the marketplace, serving customers with quality service, installations, and technology. It continues today with innovations that consistently reinvent the business and our team as we strive to raise our standards for quality, safety, and sustainability. Call 604-507-2448 today!

*We are an Equal Opportunity Employer and all inquiries are kept confidential.


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Canuck Security is fantastic! Sean from Capital Connect was very impressed with the Guards’ skill and professionalism.
Joseph N
I am so happy with my new security cameras, easy to use mobile app and the entire team is AWESOME. From start to finish, this company is great. The installers are very good and very helpful.
Bryan J
The technician who came out to our site was very polite and professional. Helping us with what we needed, and answering all the questions we had. Also giving us detailed training into how to operate our new system.
Stefan T
Great company and guarding was awesome. The technician not only had to do what was necessary for us but also cleared errors made by previous companies who did a sloopy job.
My guards from Canuck Security were very informative and patient. He did an outstanding job making sure I understood the new process. I am excited about being a new member of Canuck Security Solutions.
Aleks S

We honor ALL BC’s indigenous entities

Positive and successful First Nations partnerships drive our communities forward as we strive to find mutually beneficial ways of doing business on the unceded indigenous land of British Columbia.

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