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We impart New and Refresher Instruction to our Security Guards on Basic and Advance Security, First Aid lessons and Fire watch & Fire Extinguisher Training at Canuck School of Education.

Services Provided

All our Security Guards are provincially licensed by Security Programs and Police Division Victoria. They are covered by Work safe BC and carry their Security Guard and Patrol License on them in person while on duty. Every Security Guard wears Security Uniform, unless specified otherwise by the Client.

We provide Security Guards and are not limited to the following:




  • Federal and Provincial Government Offices
  • Corporate Houses and Offices
  • Conferences and Meetings
  • Shopping Malls and Retail Stores
  • Parking Lots (Open or Underground)
  • Hotels, Motels and Restaurants
  • Ware Houses
  • Recreation Centers and facilities
  • Storage Facilities and Yards
  • Tent Sale, Promotion Sales and Blow out Sales

Our qualified and competent teams Security Guards and Concierges handle complex situations with ease and in a very professional manner. We make your visitors and business clients feel safe, and comfortable. Your clientele can go about doing their business without any worries and unnecessary tension.




  • High-rise Buildings
  • Town homes/ Apartments/ Condominiums
  • We also provide Security Guards to single houses

The presence of well trained security guards keep unauthorized persons out of the building and safeguard tenants and general public. They enforce building policies and procedures and respond to emergencies such as fires, flooding, power failure and medical emergencies.




  • Drilling rigs and Excavation equipment in isolated places
  • Tower cranes and other related equipment
  • Hydro and Power Plants
  • Manufacturing, Assembly and Processing Units and Plants
  • Road & Pavement construction equipment left at temporary sites
  • Sewage cleaning machinery
  • Agricultural Equipment
  • Truck Yards and Storage Yards

Presence of alert and vigilant Security Guards prevent accidents and damage to costly equipment that is out in the open and within easy reach of some undesirable elements.


  • Sub divisions
  • High-rise Buildings
  • Town homes/ Apartments/ Condominiums
  • Warehouses/ Malls
  • Secure all types of other construction work.
  • We also provide Security Guards to single house under construction.

Provision of smart and vigilant Security Guards prevent losses worth thousands that occur due to theft (mostly Copper pipes, copper wires and Tools) vandalism, break-ins, fire and at a later stage, damage caused due to innocent looking water leaks and flooding.




  • Universities, Colleges and Schools
  • Hospitals, Medical Centers and Old Age Homes
  • Public Institutes
  • Cultural Centers
  • Religious Places

Security Guards are deterrents to the potential trouble makers. They are able to perceive the likely threat and take remedial action right away.




  • Sports Competitions and Games
  • Concerts
  • Entertainment Events
  • Fares
  • Parties (Birthdays, Weddings, New Years, Christmas, Teenagers party, Graduation Parties)

We take special care of teenagers, that they go home safe and secure. If need be, we call their parents and arrange for a safe ride home.




Halloween Day: We stand by our clients even if they need security only for one night. We do provide Security for smaller durations of time also.




Our smart and well dressed Security Guards are at the door to welcome your Guests and Clients. They handle complex situations with professional ease. They are polite, well behaved and firm. They make the visitors feel secure and looked after.




  • Bike Patrols
  • Car Patrols

Our mobile patrols carry out thorough visual and physical inspection of the site at staggered times. They do the complete lock check, doors and windows check, check for broken glass and other signs of any break-in or theft, perimeter check, check for vandalism and graffiti. The list is unending. If need be, the mobile patrol calls 911 and stands guard at the facility till the time the site is made safe and secure.




Our Security Alarm Response teams reach the alarm site within 15 minutes of the alarm.
The Alarm Response Team carries out a thorough inspection of the site and if need be take appropriate security action. If the situation demands, they call 911 and stand Guard at site. If it is a false alarm, they reset the alarm system and inform the Alarm Company of their action.




Canuck Security installs Cameras and does the surveillance of the job site from our control room. We do the remote monitoring under the watchful eye of our control room staff.

Best quality Cameras fitted with Night Vision Devices and IR Equipment are used to record all activity that takes place at the job site. We sell, rent, and lease the Cameras. Our cameras detect and record all sound and motion. If there is any incident on the job site, the control room right away calls 911.

Canuck Security Supervisor available in the field 24/7 is also rushed to the site at no extra cost. Due to heavy work load on the police and shortage of manpower in the force, many a times our Security Supervisor reaches the site first and takes the appropriate action.

If there is any damage or break-in detected, we do not call the boarding guys, but station our Security Guard on site, saving our clients money. The repairs can now take place at the client’s convenience and at no extra cost.


Canuck Security provides relaible security services like Corporate Security, High Rise / Condominiums, Factories And Industries, Construction Sites, Institutions, Event Security, Special Security, Access Control, Mobile Security, Alarm Response in Vancouver, Surrey, Langley, Burnaby, Coquitlam.

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